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A Hub for W.O.C. & our allies who write our thoughts

& feelings about the world we live in

Ground Rule: Respect People's Experiences

Share Your Own. #onelove

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BGT presents a down brown cow productions, a grassroots media production company working on content representing the thoughts and experiences of women of color and our allies. Check out our original sitcom on Instagram @how2bebrownlikeme on being down, brown & random.

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BGT presents "Citlali", a visual album &  musical collaboration of writers, vocalists and producers - including executive producer Alex Vasquez with musical arrangements by Preshona Ambri. "A sound" tells the story of a brown girl in the world learning herself through her relationship with people, cultures, and sounds. COMING SUMMER 2020 with your support!

Click Image Below for Private Sneak Peak Access to Album Medley 


A Note from the Creator, Preshona Ambri:


"For many years, when I turn on the radio, I hear anthems for the prison industrial complex, funded by investors in the prison industrial complex.


I hear women of color centering our lives around wayward men who hurt us.


I hear men constantly hyper-sexualizing women of color, ever so consciously permitting gender oppression and rape culture.


I hear superficial relationships with people of color centered around money or sex.


I just never heard myself. I never heard about my love, my pain, my life, my journey.


Music started becoming so limited to me.


I would be in the classroom teaching about the history of people of color on this planet and the importance of revolutionary movements for our human rights - and then, come lunch/recess, I would hear my students idolizing the most oppressive lyrics.

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a journey of a brown girl in the world

Increasingly, my desire to create began pushing me to go beyond curriculum and my traditional community work - and explore myself, my arts and what was yearning to be heard from within me.


The album explores sounds from my life ranging from and inspired by: 80s Synth/Karaoke, Baltimore House-Inspired Sounds, Bay Area Rap-inspired sounds, 90s Reggae-pop inspired sounds, DC Go-Go inspired sounds, Old school 90s Hip-hop inspired sounds, Indian/African fusion indigenous vocal sounds

...and explores themes from my own life, from exotification to minimization to healing from rape & violation, to the judgment and dismissal of others' dreams; healing from trauma and loss; and connecting to a higher source -  knowing we're all here for something far greater, and living for the ones who could no longer be here. The album attempts to do this while bringing hope and joy, my survival mechanisms.



BGT sponsors "I Am Sun", GED/SAT prep curriculum embracing the experiences of people of color in our world and a virtues-based education. I Am Sun is an off-shoot from content covered in events from our non-profit sector, One Love=True Change Inc.

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Click image to view the Class

Flyers for 2020



Check out our original non-profit leg, One Love=True Change Inc., for our roots in community events, before we began taking on specific projects to empower lost perspectives.

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BGT presents "Proof's in the Puddin", a civic engagement project operated by I Am Sun students to adequately research political candidates using the platform

Fund Us

BGT has so many needed projects that could make a dent in representation for women of color, our children, our brothers, our husbands and all of our loved ones. Help us put our stories out there. Donate to the CashApp $OneLoveTheMovement and in the subject heading, put what you would like to fund. Help us tell our stories.

BGT was founded by the imagination of writer, educator, actress, self-healer and artivist Preshona Ambri.  Preshona is an East Bengali-American born in East Asia, in Kolkata, West Bengal. She immigrated to the U.S., to Baltimore, Maryland, when she was 4 years old.  Growing up in various neighborhoods of different cultures and incomes both within and outside of the U.S. (East Oakland, CA; East San Jose, CA; Southeast & Northeast DC; PG County, MD; Howard County, MD; Baltimore County, MD; San Salvador, El Salvador; Nogales, Mexico) Preshona became a passionate educator, performer, and activist.  In 2011, she started the One Love Movement with fellow youth workers to help spread co-operative economics, holistic & sociological education and positive culture within multicultural communities. Preshona loves to support folks passionate about the same:) Currently under the umbrella of her brainchild "Brown Girls Think", she is chiseling away at her projects for some kind of change (blueprinted here:), from diversified SAT/GED curriculum to an eclectic musical album to a show about the lives and perspectives of herself and her friends from Baltimore, DC, and the Bay Area, California.  She is known to be awesome and a rider for all of who and what she loves. You kinda want her on your team:)

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Click image to view Preshona's Resume ->

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